All Yak But No Shak, LLC

 Dating Match Method

Judy Sekinger

Hi!  My name is Judy and I am a Dating Expert and Strategist. In 2013 I started a fun dating blog, All Yak But No Shak, and reinstated AYBNS during the 2020 covid pandemic...because a girl can only work and watch so many 'flicks'.  

Having followers and communication with my followers, I decided to leave a legacy about dating, relationships, men & women differences, etc. to my future little family members and everyone else that needs the help...and I'll tell you right now that most (all) of us do! 

I've combined my personal dating experiences, professional relationship and marriage therapy, direct research data with over 250 single women and men of all ages, enabling All Yak But No Shak, LLC to create the Dating Match Method. The Dating Match Method has successful results with singles that have the intent of a permanent relationship or marriage, taking them from single and solo to a happy healthy relationship, saving time, finances, and heartache.

I am very excited for you because only members of the Dating Match Method have access to this information, and your dating confidence, and relationship confidence in all areas will soar!

Congratulations in got this!  I'm here to help you along your new journey!

*Please message me on FB to access the Dating Match Method private page for updates and communication with me and other members!